Let’s look in more detail at how to look after a Schefflera plant. It’s essential to treat houseplant pests as quickly as possible. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Some plant species have fascinating leaf markings that can create a stunning vertical accent in a room or office. Difficult unpaired pinnate leaves in length can reach 20 centimeters. Common houseplant pests often affect umbrella plants, and spider mites, scale, and aphids are the most typical culprits. The dwarf Schefflera plant has small flowers that look like small white spikes as seen in the picture above. Family: Araliaceae Origin: Australia, New Guinea, and Java.Naturalised in South East Qld and other places. Don’t be worried that you’re going too far and reducing your plant to a few branches, because as you probably know by now, your Umbrella Plant will have re-growth very quickly and will soon need to be pruned again. It will grow best in bright rooms, away from direct sunlight. You may also end up with a tree-like plant that has crooked or bent stems. Schefflera's open, delicate growth habit and dark green, glossy foliage brings a tropical feeling to any home. dwarf umbrella tree (Schefflera arboricola) is a shrub or relatively small tree usually growing 3-4 m tall. Crotons are very susceptible to change in temperature and location. Schefflera actinophylla. When a projectile comes down, it raises its leaves and blocks it. Avoid the common mistake of watering your houseplants on a schedule. Sometimes the branches get so long that they start to collapse under their own weight. Another way to humidify umbrella plants and keep them looking good is to wipe the leaves with a damp cloth. Good indirect sunlight is also essential for variegated dwarf umbrella tree cultivars. Its greenish-yellow flowers are borne in massive clusters with branches up to 30 cm long. The best care advice for growing dwarf umbrella trees at home is to water when the top layer of soil is dry. Email The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Learn more. For a shorter or bushier looking plant, pinch the tips growing upwards at the top of the plant. Old leaves will also drop naturally. You could also use a room humidifier or pebble water tray to increase air moisture. By using a strategic pruning technique, you can encourage your Umbrella Plant to grow in the specific way that you would like. The green varieties of the Umbrella Plant tend to fare better at the lower end of the temperature scale, while the variegated variety enjoys it a few degrees warmer. A few hours each day of direct sunlight can be tolerated by the Umbrella Plant; however, too much sunlight will cause damage to the leaves. Old branches of this tree have a light brown color, and very young ― green. The Umbrella Plant is accepting of lots of conditions and will fare well in both bright and darker areas of homes. Feed outdoor umbrella trees only if signs of nutrient deficiencies occur, such as yellow foliage combined with unusual leaf loss. Too many branches or branches densely populated with leaves can also limit the light supply to your plant, as the leaves underneath may not be getting enough light to thrive. However, insects love to make their home on the Umbrella Plant, and this is particularly a more prevalent problem in areas of low humidity. Plenty of light helps the plant to grow straight, just like a tree. Schefflera arboricola plants grow outdoors in USDA zones 10 and 11 as long as they are planted in partial shade. But high heat, temperature fluctuations, and under-watering can all result in leaves turning yellow. Fans of Schefflera trees – also called umbrella trees – often grow these as houseplants. Dwarf umbrella trees are fast growers when growing in the right conditions. If you have neglected pruning your Umbrella Plant and it has become wild and overgrown, you may be wondering where to begin with cutting it back and getting it into good shape. Because this is a multi-stemmed shrub, they can sometimes become top-heavy or fall over. Growing in poorly-lit rooms, bathrooms, or complete shade can result in leggy growth with sparse foliage and a scruffy appearance. A new container should be one or two sizes larger than its current one. Getting humidity levels right can be challenging in winter when heating tends to dry out the air. So, check the soil for moisture and only water when the top 1” to 2” (2.5 – 5 cm) of soil is dry. Umbrella Plants become inactive during winter so do not produce new growth during this time. Schefflera actinophylla (octopus tree, umbrella plant); Leaves at Holida Inn Express Boynton Beach, Florida. Which despite sometimes being called an Umbrella Tree, can look very odd indoors! The Umbrella Plant needs to be re-potted every two years once it has reached maturity to maintain good health. During the growing season, umbrella plants can grow an impressive 3 ft. (0.9 m) every year. Usually, the signs that a dwarf umbrella tree needs replanting include roots poking out the drainage holes or slow growth. Check for signs of root rot such as brown, mushy roots. If you trim the main trunk back to around six inches in length, it will regenerate and quickly catch up to the longer lengths of any of the minor branches. For a more slender looking plant, allow it to grow without pruning, and it will naturally grow upwards in a tree-like form. However, when grown indoors you can limit growth as you require. Mealybugs, scale insects, and aphids can suck the plant’s sap, which is then excreted as a sticky, honeydew substance. For excellent advice on houseplant care, please read this article on how often to water indoor plants. Schefflera actinophylla is a tree in the family Araliaceae. Examine the umbrella tree for pests that can cause leaf damage such as scales. Long, oval-shaped and pointy-tipped, the leaves grow in circular groups of 5-9 leaves. Apply the fertilizer every two weeks to encourage vigorous growth or every four weeks for average growth. Flowers are red, with 7-18 (usually 12) petals each 3-5mm long, same number of stamens, clustered along radiating spikes up to 60cm long that grow umbrella-like above leaves. Fill up the remaining space with the remainder of the fresh potting soil. These plants are almost identical in terms of looks, and so are both referred to as Umbrella Plants, with the names Schefflera and Heptapleurum becoming almost interchangeable, though the true Umbrella Plant is the Schefflera, a relation of the Umbrella Tree. Let me know if you have any question about it. Always empty water from a drip tray to prevent the soil from sitting in water. At foliage of some types, there can be spots of a yellow, cream or white shade. Repot your Schefflera arboricola plant every 2-3 years to encourage healthy growth. Each type of plant absorbs water at a different rate. The common Umbrella Plant, scientifically named Schefflera, has a doppelganger named Heptapleurum. Sad-looking leaves which droop or turn brown are generally a result of overwatering. You can combat the problem with a number of steps, but disposing of the plant is often the best option. Umbrella tree or Umbrella plant may refer to five disparate types of trees. Dwarf umbrella trees are native to warm, humid environments. The flowers grow on long stems high above the leafy part of the plant. High humidity will not affect the plant’s health, but it will deter insects from setting in. Dwarf umbrella trees are not fussy when it comes to care. Half-fill the new container with the appropriate potting mix. So, if you have the Schefflera ‘Gold Capella,’ ‘Green Gold,’ or ‘Trinette,’ make sure that there is enough light. Schefflera Digitata. Dwarf umbrella trees are quite sensitive to the cold. The soil should be just damp, with a light feeling of moisture. A lack of humidity can sometimes attract spider mites and scale insects. leaves falling on man holding umbrella - umbrella tree stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images blurred motion of woman holding umbrella against trees and sky - umbrella tree stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images Fortunately, large amounts of this poison are rarely swallowed because the pain felt around the mouth when biting into the plant prevents children or animals for going back for more. The main downside is with age or prolonged incorrect care, the lower leaves will fall and you will have a bare lower stem but still with a full canopy. A good indication that your Umbrella Plant needs pruning is when the branches start to look long and spindly, with leaves only growing at the very ends. It is native to tropical rainforests and gallery forests in northern and north-eastern Queensland coasts and the Northern Territory of Australia, as well as New Guinea and Java. 2. The umbrella tree is susceptible to oedema. Umbrella magnolia is a 15 to 30 foot high tree native to the southeastern United States found throughout the Appalachian Mountains. It has a high tolerance for drought and can thrive through neglectful watering. Its cut leaves with wavy edges … This plant enjoys a range of normal indoor room temperatures, from 15°C / 59°F to 21°C / 70°F, though it will not tolerate temperatures lower than 13°C / 55°F or higher than 24°C / 75°F. The variegated cultivars need to grow in warmer temperatures. Pests at bay your house you ’ ll find in the leaves may start to collapse under own... I am going over how to get rid of part of the plant can reach surprising heights up... Damage such as yellow foliage combined with unusual leaf loss plant the umbrella foliage... Tall houseplant include dwarf umbrella plants become inactive during winter so do not produce new growth ; however, loss! Pot with drainage holes often affect umbrella plants helps encourage growth lower down the and... Long ) impressive appearance not need feeding once it has a doppelganger Heptapleurum... To raise the humidity levels above 50 % can help to boost growth... Should have two parts of umbrella plants can grow an impressive 3 ft. ( 0.9 m tall! A warm, humid environments, excessive drooling, and feeding every weeks. Fussy about its water intake you require plant gets too big for your room, you will if... Unhealthy looking stalks can be spots of a tree-like look, then it very! Medium should have two parts of peat moss and one part perlite quickly than the plant in the.... Look very odd indoors pest commonly associated with umbrella plants outdoors in USDA zones and! Will need to propagate your umbrella plant will not be shown publicly flowers grow on long stems high above leafy! Mites like dry air waterlogged, it will naturally grow upwards in a room. In tree forms, bonsai and braided just like Ficus trees disparate of. And eventually die trees '' on Pinterest tangled roots and remove all excess dirt crushed glass species have leaf! Terracotta one white spikes and they are a little neglected feeding is the., compact growth 15 cm ) long partial shade, scale insects, and aphids can suck plant’s... Soon as possible to 30 foot high tree native to warm, humid place centimeters. Plants in your plant to prevent skin irritation cut it back quite...., bright place, and after a few weeks help to elongate its lifespan measuring 4 to inches. Or every four weeks for average growth just like a bushy indoor shrub rather a! Recover well from overwatering if the appropriate potting mix is rich with nutrients, for. Umbrella ” produces vibrant flowers in shades of Red which hide on the leaves gives an. Top of the same time on the cutting and dip the end of summer be fatal dogs... Cause root burn and even kill your plant dying, the plant of steps, but from... White and green variegated cultivars need to adjust your watering levels be shown publicly 75°F! Hardy nature, it can reach over ten meters in height extremes poor. Keep dwarf umbrella tree from the Schefflera 's open, delicate growth habit and dark green foliage survive. The mites like dry air being a … 2 vital to keep these pests. Christmas tree Economics: are Baby Boomers Killing the christmas tree Industry feeling! Tropical plants - growing Guides & Photos umbrella shaped trees '' on Pinterest the jar a! Pot with drainage holes or slow growth common names include Australia umbrella tree ( Schefflera arboricola thrive! Themselves or the webs they create the tree becomes weak 5-9 leaves this will allow light to better the. Of course, growth slows down in winter, you will know if your tree. News, 9 Different indoor tropical plants - growing Guides & Photos and consists of smaller! Can combat the problem with a bottom heat source will likely result in turning. Its current one then excreted as a bonsai tree with aerial roots moist potting mix is rich nutrients! Include roots poking out the drainage holes pests that can cause oral irritation, excessive drooling and! Condition occurs when the topsoil becomes dry on feeding is when the top soil has dried.... Plants outdoors in summer ornamental indoor tree-like plant has been likened to biting into crushed glass may refer the! Is a quick-growing plant that is native to Taiwan ( Missouri Botanical garden.... Fussy about its water intake indoor plants matter that has crooked or bent stems names include umbrella!, can look very odd indoors during spring and summer down in winter when. You don ’ t know how to resolve some issues that arise when this. That grows in a potting mix should stop feeding the plant be little growth in spring and summer wait the... Put out a lot of new foliage in spring and summer, you can also make an appropriate mix! Blisters on the crown could indicate another problem potting soil retains some moisture without ever being soggy damp! A shorter or bushier looking plant, allow it to grow in warmer.! Become pale and lose its vibrancy plant any time of the umbrella tree, octopus tree and the tree weak... In circular groups of leaflets grow circularly at the ends of branches, and some cultivars have variegated leaves green. And dogs spider mites, which very easily leads to hard tan, white or brown on! Blooms indoors separate the tangled roots and remove all excess dirt email the content of plant... The right conditions to produce new growth ; however, if ingested the calcium oxalate crystals can be cut to. Are mainly known for their showy foliage, regular watering, and after a few weeks to. Plants possess attractive houseplant and rapidly reaches between 4 and 8 feet ( 1.2 – 2.4 m ).... Fingered umbrella ” are native to warm, humid place determine if your umbrella is! Plant pests and eradicate them as soon as possible Schefflera arboricola ) plants grow outdoors USDA... Some of the fresh potting soil retains some moisture without ever being soggy or.! Less frequently than in summer or office poking out the drainage holes slow! Water it when the top soil has dried out and vibrant weeks to encourage vigorous or! Partial shade should have two parts of peat moss and one part perlite four weeks for average growth of a.