We love this comforter, but L.L.Bean has had consistent problems with keeping this model in stock. To say there wasn’t enough loft would be an understatement. “I tell people when I sell them a new comforter that maybe once every three to five years is adequate,” said Sukalac. Free Shipping on Orders Over $39. Anyone who lives anywhere other than the tropics likely already has a comforter. Care: Machine wash, tumble dry. It comes with L.L.Bean’s satisfaction guarantee, covering returns for any reason for up to a year. Its comforters not only meet the Responsible Down Standard requirements, but each comforter also comes with a tracking number that buyers can enter at TrackMyDown to see the source of each comforter’s fill. 11/27/20. It’s expensive considering it doesn’t have a true sewn-through design—the stitching stops 2 inches before the edge, allowing the down to shift around the periphery, which is a bummer. But the stiffer percale is also a little noisier inside a duvet cover. Oeko-Tex–certified For Alex’s 2019 update, two testers slept in a bedroom with average temperatures between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit—similar to a room with the heat turned on. It also doesn’t have corner ties to make attaching a duvet cover easier. L.L.Bean offers a one-year satisfaction guarantee (and addresses problems on a case-by-case basis thereafter). But because the bigger boxes can also allow the down clusters to shift around, it’s a good idea to shake out your comforter to keep the down evenly distributed and fluffy. Find great deals on Down-Alternative Comforters at Kohl's today! In the meantime, we recommend our runner-up pick, the L.L.Bean Baffle-Box Stitch Down Comforter. This gorgeous (and pricey) down comforter is much loftier than any other we’ve ever tried—imagine being enveloped in a luxurious cloud. Sleeping under it feels like you are wrapped in a cloud. Sukelac likes to run a washer cycle with soap and then a second, shorter cycle without soap, to make sure the comforter is thoroughly rinsed clean. $99.99. Its shell fabric is soft but surprisingly grippy—it never shifts around inside my duvet cover, something that constantly annoyed me about my previous comforter,” she said. We’re impressed that the Casaluna is both Oeko-Tex– and RDS-certified. Because we had many lighter-weight down-alternative options, we cut this one. x 88in. Also, although we love the loftiness offered by baffle-box quilts, down expert Jack Sukelac notes that baffle-box comforters are more challenging to wash than sewn-through styles. But for the price, we think you’d be better off going with our upgrade pick from Feathered Friends, which feels much loftier. The five-year warranty Riley offers is better than the coverage on the L.L.Bean and Target comforters we recommend. Our kid tester reported that this comforter was “so warm and cozy” to snuggle under, and our grownup tester agrees. The sturdy percale shell kept all the feathers from leaking out in our shake tests. This brand says their comforter "feels like a hug from a cloud" and we totally get why: Both the fill and the outer fabric are super soft and cozy without feeling heavy. It is also available in a down-alternative version, and it’s Oeko-Tex–certified and protected by Garnet Hill’s unlimited return and exchange policy (the best from any comforter on our list). It kept its loft, and we didn’t wake up sweaty midway through the night (an issue with many of its down-alternative competitors). Why trust us? Not so with the Utopia: It has sturdy stitching with piped edges and lofty, siliconized, fiber-filled boxes. But because of these delays, one of our editors recently bought the 850 Light version (which has a higher fill power). All RDS-certified comforters are supposed to come with a tracking number, but we’ve found that they rarely do. If you’re concerned about animal welfare, it’s worth taking a close look at the down products you buy. This is also where sewn-through comforters have an advantage over baffle-box ones: Because the down doesn’t shift, sewn-through comforters dry more evenly. We’ve tried dozens of comforters, spending hundreds of hours sleeping on them, and our pick is the Riley White Goose Down Comforter. But the fabric isn’t as sturdy, so we still recommend using a cover on the Utopia to extend its life (it includes loops on the corners to attach one). It felt nearly as lofty as our upgrade pick from Feathered Friends. What it means: Baffle boxes are constructed with vertical strips of fabric that separate the top and bottom layers of the outer shell, creating three-dimensional walls. Select Costco locations have the Weatherproof Vintage Home Down Alternative Comforter on sale now through March 1, 2020. We eliminated many of the competitors in the budget category because they had thin-feeling or poorly made outer shells that seemed likely to wear out more quickly. But if you avoid using animal products, are allergic to down, or don’t want to spend the money, we recommend the down-alternative Utopia Bedding Queen Comforter Duvet Insert. This comforter is expensive, topping $500 for the queen size, but if you have the means we think it’s a good investment. “It’s so light it feels like it’s floating over my body, but I’m perfectly warm. Over the years, we’ve considered more than 90 comforters and interviewed five experts, some more than once. It also washed well and had a strong cover that held up in our durability evaluations. Enjoy free shipping and easy returns every day at Kohl's. For our 2020 update she built on the excellent work of Alex Arpaia, who covered comforters from 2017-19, and on the research of Eric Hanson, Amy Westervelt, and Jamie Wiebe, who worked on previous versions. Other times, it was available in only one or two sizes, rather than all four. Costco’s SleepBetter Beyond Down Alternative Comforter was heavy out of the bag and felt unpleasant to sleep under. With its dense shell (which retained heat), the Riley kept us pleasantly warm. Real Simple® HomeGrown™ Solid Down Alternative Comforter. Most comforters we recommend are filled with more down (the standard is about 34 ounces), but the clusters (whose loftiness is measured by fill power) are less fluffy, usually around 600 cubic inches per ounce. The world of down comforters has its own language, and it can be confusing. item 5 NEW LIVING QUARTERS REVERSIBLE DOWN ALTERNATIVE COMFORTER PURPLE SIZE TWIN XL 4 - NEW LIVING QUARTERS REVERSIBLE DOWN ALTERNATIVE COMFORTER PURPLE SIZE TWIN XL. It’s the most breathable cheap alt-down comforter we’ve ever tested, beating out many higher-priced models. To make a comforter warmer in the fall and winter, add a flannel cover, and for spring and summer, opt for a lightweight linen or percale cover. x 86in. Wirecutter senior staff writer Jackie Reeve, who worked on the latest update of this guide, has written almost all of our bedding guides, from sheets to blankets to pillows. Video: Sarah Kobos, The comforters we tested varied in their loft, or fluffiness. Down for Adventure Down Outdoor Camping and Travel Blanket - Ultralight Compact Packable Large Throw Comforter 4.0 out of 5 stars 28 $75.00 $ 75 . Abakan Luxury Down Alternative Comforter Queen Size 100% Cotton Cover-Soft Fluffy,Stand Alone Bedding Comforter,Lightweight,Hypo-allergenic,Hotel Quality Quilted with 4 Corner Tabs,88x88 inch … Down alternative: This is a catchall term for any non-down comforter filling. It breathes well, thanks to lofty goose down, an airy baffle-box construction, and a lightweight cotton shell. The twin size we tested didn’t overload our machine, and the sewn-through construction kept the down from shifting. An air conditioner is the obvious best fix for a hot bedroom. Comforters tend to sell out in the fall, but this year we’ve seen more stock problems than ever on all of our picks. At just over 5 pounds, it’s the lightest we’ve tested, and it feels durable—it should easily last for decades if you care for it properly. We inspected each one to gauge the feel, the stitching, and the weight and loft. Authenticity50’s Comfort Temp Duvet is the only wool comforter we’ve tried, and it is significantly heavier than the down comforters we tested in fall 2020. There are also several notable contenders in our competition section that we liked and may fit your needs. Ideally you should use a front-loading washer, since they clean bulky items more effectively. The Balichun Goose Down Comforter had a scratchy shell and so little fill inside that it felt like two pieces of cotton were just sewn together. Its shell was pretty noisy, though, and its polyester fill was flatter than others. What it means: Sewn-through comforters may use boxes, channels, or other patterns to sew together the top and bottom of the comforter and prevent the fill from shifting. King: 102in. Also, because Casaluna is one of Target’s own brands, it’s covered by a one-year return policy instead of Target’s usual 90 days; we confirmed this with the company. Though we don’t apply any hard-and-fast rules when deciding which comforters to test, we do look for models that ideally meet the following criteria: You usually get what you pay for, especially when it comes to loft: the under-$50 also-great pick from Utopia (at left) versus the luxurious upgrade pick from Feathered Friends. We’re keeping an eye on this, but in the meantime, for some of our picks we added a few different styles and weight options that we think are equally good. Plus, its noisy shell bothered us. We also tried both the Alberta and White Bay’s light comforter options, and both felt too thin. A cover also keeps dirt off your comforter’s shell (which might cause discoloration), and it can help keep feathers from leaking. All Feathered Friends comforters are filled only with trackable, RDS-certified goose down. In the past two years, L.L Bean has had consistent problems keeping this comforter in stock. The Riley White Goose Down Comforter is one of the best we’ve ever tried. For comfort, loft, and breathability, real down is hard to beat. Before making a purchase, though, give your existing comforter a wash and dry—you may see it magically return to its former fluffy glory. If you regularly find yourself to be cold, it may be time for a replacement comforter. However, according to Shannon Maher, the interim dean at the Fashion Institute of Technology, in the US these terms have become interchangeable. Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brand Comforters products. Wirecutter is reader-supported. Sukalac is an engineer who started repairing down comforters more than 40 years ago and turned it into a business, All About Down, making and repairing down comforters in his Seattle basement. Includes: Comforter … Duck down is generally not as fluffy as goose down, because most of it is from small ducks with small puffs of down. Dealighted analyzed 334 new deal forum threads today and identified 133 that people really like. The Allied Home Deluxe White Down Comforter, another budget option, scored the lowest overall in our 2020 budget-comforter testing: It leaked clusters of down in our shake tests and lacked corner ties for attaching a duvet cover. One of our long-term testers has used the Riley comforter for almost a year and says, “It’s fluffy, cozy, and the perfect weight.” She and her partner are both hot sleepers, but they don’t overheat using the Riley. The L.L.Bean Baffle-Box Stitch Down Comforter is among our favorites—it kept us warm and cozy without causing us to sweat. Cardinal Home Charisma Reversible Down Alternative Blanket (Floral Blue, King (114" x 100")) 4.1 out of 5 stars 23. The L.L.Bean comforter’s cotton shell does feel rougher than those of many other comforters we considered, but we don’t think the feel will bother most people since the comforter should be kept in a duvet cover anyway. And we spent time under each one to gauge warmth. We think that with proper care and maintenance, it will last for decades—and most likely longer than any of our other picks. Waking up drenched in sweat and trapped under this comforter was awful. In our 2020 testing, the Garnet Hill also got the stamp of approval from our 8-year-old kid tester. Warm bedding and proper insulation can transform a drafty bedroom into a cozy spot. Riley’s Down Alternative comforter felt as good as many down comforters we’ve tried. But considering that many people complain about down tending to shift, the reinforced baffles might help keep the down in place, make it easier to wash, and extend the life of the comforter. Bed Bath & Beyond’s Microfiber Down Alternative Comforter felt thin and unpleasant to the touch, and it smelled terrible to boot. The diminished quality, along with issues we’ve had with Snowe’s customer service in the past, make it impossible for us to recommend this comforter. Fill power and feather type: 700 fill power, white goose downConstruction: baffle boxCertifications: Responsible Down StandardSizes available: twin, full/queen, king. Overall, though, we preferred the feel, weight, and construction of the Garnet Hill Essential Comforter we recommend for kids. Made with synthetic fill that mimics the loftiness and insulating qualities of … The down clusters can shift in the wash, resulting in uneven distribution across the whole comforter. Riley has acknowledged the issue and they’ve told us they have instituted fixes but we’re keeping an eye on how things develop. It comes with a one-year return policy. Many of them will keep you warm, but an exceptional comforter should also be as light as a cloud, with a shell that keeps feathers and fluff tightly sealed inside. The 850 version has a higher fill power, which we explain here, and comes in Light, Medium, and Arctic weights. It kept us nice and warm without overheating, and it’s made with RDS-certified duck down. It's available in six different sizes to fit any bed and three different weights depending on what level of warmth you need. We also tested the Light and Ultra versions of this comforter, in case one of those weights fits your warmth needs better. We didn’t notice that extra weight once we were sleeping under it, though, and it kept us perfectly warm when we opened the windows on a 50ish-degree Fahrenheit night. When your comforter does need to be cleaned, remember to be extra-gentle. Reversible Brushed Microfiber Plush Down-Alternative Comforter 3 Piece Set Collection Deal of the Day $130.00 - 196.00. Two of our testers were hot sleepers, and three were average-warmth sleepers. We also didn’t see any quality-control problems (feathers leaching or barnyard smells) with this comforter—a rarity among those we’ve tested. In fact, it was the only budget comforter in our 2020 testing that didn’t release tufts of fluff in our shake tests. Though not as luxurious or as light as the down options we tested, the fiberfill Utopia Bedding Queen Comforter Duvet Insert remains the best under-$50 option we’ve tried. (Contact with skin oils can make both cotton and down degrade more quickly over time than they otherwise would.) A cover helps keep the shell clean and may prevent the fabric and down from wearing out too quickly. We eliminated our former pick, the Company Store Legends Hotel Alberta Down Comforter, because the 2019 model was of much lower quality than those we’ve tested in the past—all of our picks felt and performed better. In past years we also tested the now-discontinued JCPenney Home Classic Light-Warmth Down Alternative Reversible Comforter, the Target Warmest Down Alternative Comforter by Fieldcrest, and Target’s Made by Design Down Alternative Comforter. That might make this comforter a better choice if you have pets who sleep on the bed or for a guest room (since you might want to wash it in between visitors). Previously she was a school librarian, and she’s been a quilter for about 15 years. The Light Weight left us reaching for extra blankets on a 50-ish degree Fahrenheit night, and the Ultra Weight made us sweat uncomfortably. It is made with RDS-certified down (a plus), with 550 fill power, but nowhere on the packaging or the label did it specify duck or goose down. RELATED: These Cooling Comforters Are Best for Hot Sleepers. Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brand Down Alternative Comforters products. Best Seller. Home | Bedding | Duvets. The fluffiness comes from its unique construction: There’s no box stitching so the layers are less compressed and the partially recycled fill is a web of individual fibers instead of separate clusters. In Stock + Down & Down Alternative Comforter … When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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