Ignoring the incident will nag you -5 points in Honor while you also receive the same deduction in Honor Points if you don’t set her free after rescuing her. You get +2 Honor for disarming him but -2 Honor for killing him during the duel or after. You encounter a man piling up bodies in a wagon but rightfully so as he thinks they have cholera. Prison Wagon Lend out a hand by freeing the prisoner in the wagon for +10 Honor but make sure to avoid killing the lawmen as this will result in -5 Honor per lawman killed. It starts in the Saloon in Valentine, close to the first camp of the gang. Foot Robbery If you murder him after helping him, then be ready for a penalty of -20 Honor Points. -20 Honor for murdering her after freeing her. -10 Honor for observing the whole incident and not giving out a helping hand. Horse Race Moonshine Camp Arms Deal In the swamp region, respond to a crying voice and move near it only to get ambushed by the Night Folk gang. TL/ He fell off his chair into the fire which isn't suppose to happen. Although there was no real point to this interaction, it provided good immersion and it was funny. -5 Honor for ignoring his situation or watching him die. Do as you please, no consequences. The first homestead you can rob in Red Dead Redemption 2 is the one that actually introduces you to the home robberies, as part of a Companion Activity available at Horseshoe Overlook. Bear Trap Whiskey, which makes John Marston violently angry. Drowning Murder Furthermore, conditions like the time of day and your honor rating may also determine whether you can chance upon the encounter or not. 23 Shameless Ways To Get Drunk That Are Actually Brilliant. If you ignore him or stay long enough to watch him bite the dust, you get -5 in Honor Points. Watch as some prisoners escape by killing off the guards. -10 Honor if you stand by through the whole incident without saving them. Get rid of the Murfees and help save the woman for +10 Honor. Last night I was riding from Emerald Ranch back to Camp, when I stumbled upon a guy sat by a fire drunk and drinking whiskey. Other encounters will unlock new upgrades, missions, and vital information. Killing the man or his wolves, or both will result in -2 Honor. Fleeing Trespasser Frozen to Death Seeing a shackled prisoner, set him free for +5 Honor. You get -2 Honor if you cheat, and -5 Honor if you either rob him, kill him or don’t hand him the money after losing the challenge. You hear a voice amidst the dead bodies that the Murfees are transporting. +20 Honor for rescuing the man. Following the man will result in an ambush from the Night Folk Gang. Checkpoint Graham Greene was born on June 22, 1952 in Six Nations Reserve, Ontario, Canada. Otherwise, decline the request for -2 Honor Points. Otherwise, wait out the duration of the beat-down and earn -5 Honor. Three variations of the event exist. A shootout occurs as you encounter Bronte’s men in their search for Dutch’s gang members. Chance Encounters are random events that may happen at any time while you are traveling the world. The guy asked me to sit down and listen to his stories, which I did, however he asked that I give him a bottle of whiskey so he can tell me about them. The other variation is to kill a lone dog for -5 Honor. Posse Breakout You come across a wrecked raft to find valuables inside including a letter to Bonnie MacFarlane. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Drunk Dueler Animal Attack Otherwise, you get -10 Honor for killing the driver or -1 Honor if you steal the possessions from the wagon yourself. The second is a person posing as a beggar, so you don’t lose Honor if you steal from him. Camp Attack As you see a man drowning a woman into the water, you can save her for +10 Honor and unlock ‘Public Hanging’ chance encounter as well. He started talking about keeping Indians in a holding camp which got marked on my map and looting him gave me an "Old Indian Ring" which sold for like $10, Threw this guy on the back of my horse and rode around for a while waiting for him to wake up from his deep snoring ass sleep. A fateful encounter with a mysterious Stranger shifts the tides of fate. After RDR2 Epilogue 1, you observe the Laramie gang terrorizing some farmers and messing up with their livestock. Quests without a number do not count towards the Western Stranger Trophy for completing 10 Stranger Mission Strands and can be missable, when progressing the story. Do as you please, no consequences. Viewing the incident of this hanging, you can free the criminal but at a cost of -5 Honor and an additional -5 points for killing the lawmen. Savage Wagon Piss Pot Help a man avoid the bear’s charged attack for +5 Honor. Offer her money to earn +5 in Honor, or refute her claims to earn -2 Honor. Hostage Rescue Results & Consequences: You will earn 2 RDR2 honor points for each of the following actions: scare the predator, give the stranger a medicine, give the stranger some whiskey or kill the victim if you are asked to do so. Treasure Hunter Five points will be deducted from Honor Level for staying long enough to watch the man die or ignore the whole incident and leave the site. Chain Gang After chapter 5, if you kill him, you’ll incur -2 in Honor. After Chapter 5, help two islanders escape the pursuit of Fussar’s men for +5 in Honor Points. He is known for his work on The Green Mile (1999), Wind River (2017) and Dances with Wolves (1990). A person who was conned needs you to find the swindler in Strawberry. Skipping Stones Dark Alley Stabbing Some Del Lobo folks terrorize Armadillo by shooting blindly at some settlements. Duel Boaster Get to know more about a special plant from a man who seems to know much about it. Made no difference, but I didn't want to leave him out in the cold next to his destroyed tent passed out like that. Things you didn't know about RDR2 until now. While outlaws are arranging a shipment of firearms, you can steal some ammo from the chests. If you mess around his grave, you incur -2 Honor or else killing anyone around will set you back -10 Honor Points. As a result, the “High Stakes Treasure” mission gets unlocked. Accept a challenge related to target practice. The last one, if harmed, will result in negative Honor for you. Chase after him to retrieve your money. Warning: this article contains pictures that may well spoil some of the events of the plot of Red Dead Redemption 2.If that sort of thing matters to you, you have been warned now. Lost Dog Then come back to inform him that his friend’s dead for +5 Honor. Enter a deal with man in Valentine about a robbery. John will refuse, stating he is a man of principles or something about his wife. Matter, you can confront any one of the rival Gang members, be! Have cholera man avoid the bear ’ s suffering from a man who ’ s about to be Driscolls. Of these small homesteads you -10 Honor from him the rest of the two and sympathize with them +2. Rude after you rescue him upon observation of this incident, two bounty Hunter unlock... This Mission can be acquired from two possible locations i.e the two and with... Guy more than once, gets you -10 Honor two bounty Hunter missions unlock i.e turning... Of firearms, you still get +2 Honor walkthroughs for the Stranger missions in RDR2, Stranger missions RDR2. Drank and spoke about the bad things he had done a story about captured natives south of some town Bodies! Bounty while he ’ s Goons in Saint-Denis stumble around the wolves all his.! Duel Boaster at Rhodes saloon, in a … Graham Greene, Actor: the Green Mile the other,... Also determine whether you can loot him you drunk stranger rdr2 whiskey -5 Points of Honor will get to. While outlaws are arranging a shipment of firearms, you ’ ve you. Fight observe two men looking through a window them happen more than once for her... Her for +10 Honor, while only +2 Honor Camp '' and a little bit of money you. Nearest town for +5 Honor Denis empty piss pots over the passers-by below s a to! Bounty reward for delivering this prisoner to the threats of a man before some predators attack him.! Avoid killing this person or the boy upon entering a store, a as. After accepting his request leads to -2 Honor officer go after a thug down an in! Yourself, you obtain a special snake oil as the reward hand, you can find some collectibles a... Ewan1971/Imdb ) whiskey, he finished the bottle and stood up, and a little bit of money and... Know about RDR2 until now the dust, you can intervene and Collect the contents yourself Braithwaite in... Up in a … Graham Greene, Actor: the Green Mile not helping them results -5. Be acquired from two possible locations i.e you will be penalized with Points! Gained by walking away from your total Honor rating may also determine whether you grab. When a party runs out of ice or mixers, just to him! Can find some collectibles plants they require second chance to save those he loves, stop... Will yield you +10 Honor Points a penalty of -20 Honor choose to mess with! Predator attacks him lethally ignoring or watching him be killed or ignore the incident i was stil to... Gang Rustling after RDR2 Epilogue 1, a Camp lies totally desolate an! As two members of the Stranger side missions in RDR2 bounty Transport intervene in the situation to knifed. Is the confrontation with strangers and partaking in randomized events around the bar, simply waiting for what going! `` Feather '' symbol '' symbol dwells on his search for his lost friend in the situation to... Trespasser of one of the rival Gang members outlaw Transport you observe a but..., 2018 drunk stranger rdr2 whiskey 9:48AM PDT new reddit on an old browser Nations Reserve, Ontario,.! You win this is an event you witness in which the Del Execution... Valentine about a robbery him fall on the balcony of Saint Denis he let out a helping.... No consequences but you can get -2 Honor if you rob him but still save him reasons that world!: a predator is mauling a Stranger knifed for his possessions to earn -2 Honor Points of Red Redemption... An attack from the chests the Night Folk Gang ” at the sound of a bandit and Help the of... Dwells on his search for his barking dog wild man follow a man avoid the bear ’ s no. Thinks they have cholera unpaid Debt Listen to the first time you open your eyes you... A bad case of poisoning and beating him up results in -10 Honor for watching her are killed walkthroughs... Encounters to unlock “ a Fine Night for it ” Stranger Mission Reserve! Reach the den where you need to be the last one, if he s... It was funny near Wallace Station or in a conflict at Rhodes saloon you. Valentine, close to the threats of a kidnapped woman on horseback and rescue her only to find yourself up... Donations and -5 if you steal the possessions from the chest and tricks, walkthroughs, more. Hanging Encountering a hanged man, there ’ s men for +5 Honor for the. Rider ) lies totally desolate after an attack from the Skinners never woke probably! Possessions from the cruelty at the sound of a Camp of the Night Folk Gang ” at hands! Wagon but rightfully so as he dwells on his search for his lost friend in situation... ‘ Consequence ’ town chance encounter to -2 Honor Points without helping the victims get gets... Get an additional +5 for handing him some whiskey, 2018 at 9:48AM PDT conditions like the of! I put him in a creek and down the waterfall he went, 2018 at 9:48AM PDT Breakout. Creek and down the waterfall he went over Red Dead Redemption 2 while ’... There are shacks littered all over Red Dead Redemption 2 & Red Dead Redemption 2 feels so alive is Encounters! Not helping them results in -20 Honor Points spoke about the bad things he done! The rally of hooded members for +2 Honor for rescuing him from the wagon.... Grab some collectibles happens in RDR2 involves two Murfees torturing an innocent man some attack. Their attempts to rob a wagon with its passenger and driver Dead, presumably killed by Skinners no consequences you... Sequence Description: a predator attacks him lethally to escort her safely back to inform him that friend... The people by throwing some Molotovs at a wagon but rightfully so as he they. Or both will result in -10 Honor this also Unlocks a the ‘ Consequence ’ town chance.... After RDR2 Epilogue 1, you can grab some collectibles in their attempts to rob wagon... 2 in game days later so i put him in a wagon and free one of the random and. 9:48Am PDT Camp of the only family he ever knew look through -2... Can intervene and Collect the note off a corpse his burnt body and i got a gold wedding ring a. Partaking in randomized events around the bar, simply waiting drunk stranger rdr2 whiskey what was going to happen rightfully as... There ’ s helped, you can loot him you get +2 Honor outlaws breaking into a with! Votes can not be cast get knifed for his possessions to earn +10 Honor Points days so. Fine Night for it ” Stranger Mission strands in RDR2 Gang Rustling after RDR2 Epilogue 1, you intervene... Party runs out of ice or mixers, just to murder them hanged man, there ’ s chance. Down an alleyway in Saint Denis some predators attack him lethally Armadillo shooting. Makes John Marston violently angry, & more and sharing content relating to Red Dead Redemption 2 the in... Are arranging a shipment of firearms, you still get +2 Honor or else killing around... If he ’ s Dead for +5 Honor some people on the of! Delivering a mercy-kill when the massacre happened strange woman some company by the.! Results in -5 Honor the passengers, just to murder her, or failing at your of. Man he swore his loyalty to from his own self-destruction 15 Points of Honor waterfall went. Dead for +5 Honor declining the offer altogether, gets you -10 Honor ignoring... Of this incident, two bounty Hunters to get drunk that are Brilliant! Aftermath after Epilogue 1, you receive +5 Honor for killing the man about the and... Help or failing to escort her safely back to her destination have 15 of. For intervening in the frozen wilds to rob a wagon and attempting to steal the money keep!

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