Laelia purpurata is among my favorite orchids, and its flowering signifies to me the end of spring and the beginning of the approaching summer season. With over 50 species and brilliantly coloured flowers Laelia orchids have the added advantage of many varieties being cool growing. What is important is that we finally call it Cattleya. Flower Size: 6 to 8 inches (15-20 cm). & Paxton) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase. blenheimense R.Warner & B.S.Williams 1889 - See Laelia purpurata Lindley & Paxton 1852 ~Laelia purpurata var. Reg. The late 1800s were a turbulent time for the concept that a small difference in number of pollinia warranted establishment of a new genus. ~Laelia purpurata var. Beer described it as Cattleya purpurata (Prak. Then, in 1852, Lindley described another new orchid he called Laelia purpurata. C. purpurata f. carnea 3. Whether we call it Cattleya purpurata or Cattleya brysiana, however, is not too important. Append content without editing the whole page source. There are none in Mexico or anywhere else in the Americas. According to the proposal made by Lou Menezes (in her book "Laelia Purpurata"), Laelia purpurata, which flowers are completely white or with the throat presenting a yellow coloration of varied intensity, should be considered as variety virginalis. General documentation and help section. When the species was first collected and sold in England in the 1880s, it created a huge frenzy. Sort by. Laelia is one of the most important and popular orchid genera, because of the beautiful flowers, their genetic properties and because they are fairly easy in culture. Laelia purpurata, Varieties Edit Laelia purpurata This edition published in 1995 by Editora Expressão e Cultura in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil. The genus Laelia includes about 50-60 species of orchids, mainly epiphytes, native to Central America, very similar to the cattleya. in 1855. This color can even appear in the sepals and petals to produce a flame-colored flower in flammea types. DESCRIPTION: A medium sized, hot to cool growing plant from Brazil where it is found as an epiphyte, with a single leaf, high in the canopy of wooded hillsides, with clavate pseudobulbs carrying a single, apical, oblong-ligulate, leathery, erect, rounded at the apex leaf that blooms in the late spring through fall on a stout, 12 to 15 [30 to 37.5 cm] long, raceme subtended by a large sheath with 3 to 7 long-lasting, … C. purpurata f. canhanduba 5. Laelia purpurata has many different varieties. It benefits from lots of sun and moving air and a temperature between 58–60 F (14.5–15.5 C) at night and 80–85 F (26.5–29.5 C) during the day. canhanduba 5. Laelia purpurata is the national flower of Brazil and is revered by the locals. The one we’re offering here, delicata, is a rare one; there are very few photos of these out there. I bought this plant in 2001 at the GNYOS at the Wintergarden. Laelia purpurata does not have the wide petals of a C. trianaei, and tends to pass this characteristic on to its hybrids. Popular . Orchids of this type can have different sizes and shapes, ranging from very large specimens, such as L. Purpurata, to small plants, such as Laelia Liliputana, which does not exceed 5 cm. View and manage file attachments for this page. !! Cattleya purpurata is an orchid species identified by (Lindl. LOVE IT. ... Rare Laelia Purpurata v. Striata X sib. C. purpurata var. Habitat: Brazil. These orchids have gotten so large they have completely grown together and created a huge mass. For Laelia purpurata, which is really a Cattleya, things even seem to be going from bad to worse, as I see recent efforts to reclassify this wonderful large and showy species as a member of the genus Sophronitis, which is composed of miniatures (Lindleyana, 15[2]:118). If Veitch had acted on his convictions instead of just wringing his hands and blaming Bentham and Hooker, there would be no problem with C. purpurata today. Chironiella purpurata (Lindl. for (var i=0;i
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