Sort your report by conversion rate, and you’ll see the sources that send traffic that’s most likely to translate into leads. When you set up these additional goals, make sure to create a unique confirmation or thank you page for each. Given how important these actions are, it’s important to monitor, analyze, and improve your success with driving users to take them. Also, there are many metrics that you can use for this KPI. Regardless of whether you’re familiar with them or you’re still asking, “What is a KPI exactly?”, let’s take a little refresher course and then look at some examples and equations for the most important metrics for your organization. The bottom line is that if you’re going to spend time measuring metrics, they should be metrics that matter. But that’s a bit misleading, given that the user likely wouldn’t have visited your site to make the purchase if they hadn’t seen your Facebook advertisement. This is related to Transactions but some transactions involve multiple items. Another important traffic KPI is the comparison between first-time site visitors and those who have visited your store before and returned. This means they are closer to the heart of your business. But every site is different — and identifying your best sources of referral traffic can help you focus your marketing efforts on the most valuable channels to maximize conversions on your site. So, for example, when a site visitor clicks on a link to download a guide or white paper in PDF format, it could register as a pageview in Google Analytics, even though as far as Analytics is concerned, that page does not exist. Moreover, you can pull data out of the platform and move it to Excel and unto business intelligence platforms. An example of this is that if you are a food processor business, you team up with a knife or utensil business to create content and share audiences. Then, you could track this page as a destination goal. In this article, we are going to explore which website performance KPIs you need to track depending on your situation. Many business owners spend their time measuring metrics like overall traffic, social shares, and rankings. After you’ve completed the setup process, you can access your e-commerce-related data by navigating to Conversions › E-commerce > E-commerce Overview. Now that My Event Décor has been live for 12 months, it’s time to compare its key performance indicators against the first year of My Wedding Décor. It is pretty common these days for people to tell you that you need a website up and running. The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features. Copyright © 2021 FinancesOnline. Select “Destination” in the Goal description section, then add the URL of your confirmation page. Get the latest CRO, SEO, design, and ecommerce marketing tips delivered straight to your inbox. She believes that data is at the center of business and marketing technology is its enabler, a point not lost in his articles published in major outlets such as BusinessInsider, USA Today and Entrepreneur. Conversion Rate. Take a look at the difference between the vanity metrics and actionable metrics in the following chart. They’re also valuable for learning more about where your site isn’t yet performing as well as you want to, so you can improve it in ways that get you closer to achieving your most important goals. We touched on lead generation a bit in the blog section above, but if the success of your website hinges on generating leads, there are a few other metrics you should be monitoring to determine your site’s performance. So as you select your types of KPIs for website traffic, aim to limit them to 5-8 key metrics that are most directly relate to your business objectives. If you have a website, it better helps you reach your objectives. Mobile Traffic The key is to look at the appropriate KPIs. It doesn’t matter what your business is. Thus, knowing the quantity could help you with knowing how many products or services you offer fly off the shelf at a given period of time. Example for comparison KPIs and metrics: A great KPI example is to increase new buyer trials by 15% by the end of the year, describing the growth of 15 trials per week to 18 trials per week. Selecting the good website KPIs is an essential part of monitoring and evaluating your site’s success. In these cases, you can track your conversions with either Virtual Pageviews or Events in Google Analytics. No spam. They click the ad, visit your site, then leave. First, you can use the Conversion Overview report to get a general idea of how well your site is generating conversions. Of course, we want customers to know what our companies do and how we can help them. These are those that won’t likely spread negative word-of-mouth but are not really high on your product to begin recommending it to others. As KPI Dashboards vary between different industries, the following examples are some of the most important KPIs for key industries like online marketing, finance, healthcare, HR and more. This is usually included in your online sales platforms. First, each KPI you choose needs to be quantifiable. You can sign up for a HubSpot Marketing free trial here. They should help you (and anyone else who works on your site) establish a clear connection between your online efforts and your business goals. You can do this by navigating to the view you want to use and selecting “E-commerce Settings.”, Here, the toggle the “Enhanced E-commerce Settings” to “On.”. But measuring them isn’t always as straightforward as a standard goal conversion. You can add Facebook and other social media management tools to round out your data for more powerful analytics and insights. Hence, you have to figure out the right mix for you. In fact, one Content Marketing Institute survey found that the majority of companies use these metrics to measure their success. And in many cases, they’re “gated” by requiring an email address — meaning they’re extremely valuable for growing your email list. This tool lets you see how different channels contribute to your goal conversions in several different ways. You can set up customized goals and group different metrics to view your KPIs. If you’re not sure where to get started, here are four metrics that every e-commerce store owner should be monitoring. You can’t tell how many people see your billboard along the road, but you can see how the number of people coming to your website. The Best Website KPI’s For Three Different Website Types. In this case, we’ll be focusing on KPIs that measure the effectiveness of a website. After all, KPIs aren’t only meant to help you measure your success. This includes Sessions, Users, Bounce Rate, and others discussed before. Therefore, it is wise to keep yourself updated on Google policies for SEOs. Also, you should take a look at where they are coming from in terms of organic and paid sessions. Be nice. 15 Important Conversion Metrics & Business KPIs You Should Track. This is why SEO is very important in today’s environment. This also counts paid search engine listings. Examples of KPIs and metrics include average session duration, conversion rate, revenue, and referral sites. Search Engine Optimization has become a vital tool for every marketer. But it also means that there’s a ton of valuable data you can access to improve your results. Of the three website types we’re covering in this article, e-commerce websites may have the most possible KPIs to consider. Users or visitors measure the number of unique visitors your site is getting for a time period. For conversions where you can create a “thank you” or “success” page, you can simply set up a goal page in Google Analytics for tracking purposes as we discussed in the first section. Here are five KPIs to track on your website… Before we jump into the best KPIs for your business, it’s important to have a strong understanding of what, exactly, KPIs are. If you host content on external platforms or use referral links to generate income from affiliate marketing, generating clicks to those sites is valuable for your business. For example, if you notice that case study posts drive a disproportionate number of contact form submissions, you might choose to focus your content creation efforts more on that type of post. If you use the same page, all of your conversions will be lumped into one goal, making it impossible to distinguish between the different forms on your site. Thus, these are good KPIs to understand where your traffic is coming from. As a rule of thumb, if you get more traffic from organic searchers, this means that you are publishing quality content or you publish regularly. This is really a no-brainer as it helps you understand how much you are getting from your sales transactions. With these KPIs in relation to new users or old users, you’d get a general idea of how you can increase your audience base and engage them. In this example, the site owner tracks CPD requests, contact forms, quick inquiries, registrations, sample requests, brochure requests and call requests. Top 8 Key Performance Indicators to Track on Your Website 1. This is a key KPI that will tell you whether your site is conducive for users to interact with. However, this gets complicated as mentioned as visibility and rankings are not the holy grail anymore, and rightly so. One thing to be aware of here: Designers will want to evaluate website designs. A vanity metric is anything that makes you feel good about your site’s progress, without telling you anything important about your business. Monitoring data points like these can still give you a general idea of what’s happening on your site. Free-KPI may not offer as many KPI ideas as some of the other sites on this list, but it does provide several useful resources for KPI beginners. Keep it clean. So, let’s take a look at how you can choose which KPIs you need to track. So, which metrics should you be measuring? Also, you have to consider that many marketers and users seem to point out that load speed affects website SEO rankings as well. If you haven’t done this yet, the best way to do so is with a destination goal. Google Analytics, first name among equals in SEO. Unfortunately, focusing on these metrics is a common mistake. Thus, you should keep track of certain load times. We have defined the 10 best KPIs every online store owner should keep an eye on. Also, it has enhanced eCommerce capabilities allowing you to track your customer funnel. This is not the case. You should also focus on metrics related to factors that are essential to your company’s success. This is perfect for users who look for specific answers for specific questions without a go-to knowledge base or site. Also, this is the default setting on Google Analytics. Another useful way to look at your traffic is how it breaks down by referral source. They are those that are not very likely to recommend your company to people they know. First, select “Custom Reports” from the Customization tab in your main menu. We call this eCommerce. Website KPIs examples for an eCommerce site are conversion rate, revenue, average order size, quantity, and the number of transactions. If you’ve already set up goals on your site, this is an easy-enough metric to monitor. This is an important KPI when you are doing outreach marketing or coordinated marketing with non-competing firms. This, in a sense, is a paradigm shift that puts outcomes first rather than just performance aspects. Once you know these KPIs, you’d understand which keywords that you want to “own” in terms of getting the top search engine results for these topics. Lagging KPIs are the real results. Furthermore, you can also get metrics for which pages get the most bounces. You can keep an eye on your site’s average order value in the E-commerce Report in Google Analytics by navigating to Conversions > E-commerce > Overview. Using the same metrics is the best way to gauge improvement over time, and will ensure that everyone who works on your site is working towards the same goals. This means that there’s a lot of variation between the KPIs that matter for individual blogs. You don’t want to be a part of this statistic. In the screenshot above, for example, only 30% of users who add a product to their cart proceed to the billing page. As you set up conversion goals for your site, you have the option to add a funnel for each. These have something to do with rankings and traffic. This is why website KPIs are very important. The answer, of course, is that it depends. They measure where you are against where you want to be in the future. Once you’ve done this, each new subscription will register as a conversion in Google Analytics. On the flip side, your KPIs should not focus on data that isn’t actionable. What it will do is give you more insight into what’s preventing users from converting on your site. Your website should be treated as an integrated business process among other business processes that contributes to the synergy of reaching goals. Performance management starts with figuring out what to measure. But there really isn’t a list of best website KPIs set in stone. But how do you track activities like watching demo videos or downloading documents like PDFs, or templates hosted in Google Docs or Sheets that don’t reside in a lead form? What does each of them have to do with each other? It doesn’t matter what your business is. Finally, it’s important to steer clear of using “vanity metrics” as KPIs. The intention of this article is not to provide an exhaustive list of KPIs for every website type. This means that those pages both present great opportunities for improvement. To be clear, creating a funnel won’t prevent Analytics from registering conversions from users that don’t visit all of the pages in your sequence. Now, there are sites that are male users-heavy. If you only do offline sales, these can work out for you as well. On the other hand, new users are the visitors who come to the site for the first time given a certain period. First, you’ll need to make sure you have email subscriptions set up as a goal in Google Analytics. Meaning, you should evaluate the performance of your website based on the performance of your overall business. All B2B Directory Rights Reserved. The bounce rate explains the percentage of single-page site visits. Thus, having these metrics as a KPI can help you gain, retain, and grow your online customer community. External and internal circumstances can differ to such a degree that comparison is invalid. Then, you can use them to make data-driven decisions for your organization. However, is there really a difference between them? If you manage a team, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of key performance indicators (KPIs). This helps gauge not just overall satisfaction but also brand loyalty. Again, like good analytics practice, you should be using all relevant information to gain insights. If you’re spending time analyzing your site, you want to make sure that you’re gaining insight that will help you make impactful changes. A funnel is a series of pages that you expect visitors to move through before making a conversion. Once you’ve selected these KPIs, you’ll want to use them consistently throughout your team and reporting strategy. How to Choose Relevant Content Marketing KPIs for Your Campaign. You should track important metrics and KPIs on your website to gauge its performance against your business objectives. Today, 66% care more about conversions and revenue. Here are popular SEO KPIs that you need to track. For example, take a look at this analysis from Smart Insights based on over $1 billion in Shopify sales. This means they are closer to the heart of your business. Navigate to Conversions > Attribution, then select the Model Comparison Tool. When you’re planning your KPIs, keep the conversion funnel top of mind; you should be able to measure content performance during every step of the conversion funnel. Your KPIs also shouldn’t be entire reports. Visitors to your website are at different stages in their customer journey, and your content should speak to them in different ways depending on where they are on this journey. Much like cart abandonment, it’s also simple to track with goal funnels if you use multi-page forms. Here, you’ll get an in-depth look at how effective your site is at moving visitors from one stage in your funnel to the next. You might have one form for general inquiries, another for quote requests, and a third for on-site appointment creations or registrations — just to name a few. These help us see specific performance aspects that are quantified. If you use single-page forms, on the other hand, this approach isn’t quite as helpful. For example, let’s say a user sees a Facebook ad for one of your products. This KPI has a specific strategic goal. A KPI, or Key Performance Indicator, can be defined as a measurement that is in place to measure the performance of any business activity. These are search queries or keywords that get you the most visits or sessions. These KPIs help you achieve your website goals based on marketing goals, such as generating more qualified leads, improving the subscriber rate and increasing awareness and trust. After all, their sites provide the option to monitor all of the same metrics as a blog or lead-based site, plus a whole host of purchase-related metrics. Thus, we will discuss three classes of website KPIs to track: SEO KPIs are most likely the very basic SEO metrics out there. We first published this post in January 2018 and since then it has become one of the most popular articles on BrandStruck. But there are a few KPIs you can use to gauge your success with these goals. Then, you can use the Conversions Overview report to monitor how many of your site’s visitors convert to email subscribers. They are sessions “referred” to by other websites especially those that you paid to suggest your address. There are many different KPI examples that you can use to track and evaluate a company’s success. For example, if you want to see what leads your visitors to submit a contact form, your report might look something like this: This report can give you insight into which pages on your site are driving your visitors to take action. Therefore, there are nuances in this KPI that needs the right intuition and execution to measure well. Once you’ve added your goals, you can use the Reverse Goal Path report to track what users do before a goal completion. A good content marketing platform could help here. But once you’ve selected the most impactful for your business, it’s easy to monitor the metrics that indicate your progress. fine-dining restaurants, etc. However, if you sell something on it, these KPIs are not enough. The next day, they decide to return to your site to buy that product. Thus, having a good SEO ranking ensures new traffic. Then, you can create a destination goal for this page in Google Analytics. This means you have to fight for attention too; the right kind of attention. Thus, you would know which pages to improve on. They measure where you are against where you want to be in the future. When you monitor this metric, you can get a better idea of how much each conversion on your site is really worth. Scoro KPI dashboard software lets you oversee every aspect of your business on one (or several) dashboards – and keep track of your project, work, and financial KPIs in real time.. Top features: Integrate Scoro with your currently used software to track and monitor all your data in one system. Also, at times, these are all you need especially if you only use your website to increase visibility for your offline products. Those who score 6 or less are called Detractors. Then, click “New Goal.”. These downloads get users more engaged with your brand and closer to becoming a customer. But platforms like Google Analytics give you access to more data than you could ever possibly hope to comprehend. But in general, some of the most common goals for a blog are: On their own, these aren’t easily-measurable objectives. Monitoring how different channels contribute to your most important conversions can give you a more accurate picture of how your digital marketing strategy is helping you reach your business’s goals. If you use MailChimp for email marketing, you can change your Confirmation thank you page to a custom page on your site in your signup form settings. However, we’d like to share a quote from Avinash Kaushik, the inventor of the “web analytics 2.0” paradigm: “The analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from your website … to drive continual improvement of the online experience that your customers, and potential customers have … translates into your desired outcomes (online and offline).”. This is an important KPI as this relates to how much your effort converts visitors into customers. So feel free to mix and match the Key Performance Indicators metrics below and add your own where needed. But if you need to track an action for which there isn’t an actual page being viewed, this approach will artificially inflate your pageviews, which can distort your Analytics. This is easier to track as there are eCommerce platforms with reporting tools to keep you up to date with how you are doing. EU Office: Grojecka 70/13 Warsaw, 02-359 Poland, US Office: 120 St James Ave Floor 6, Boston, MA 02116. You know you should be using KPI to measure your digital marketing efforts. Stay on topic. Before, many marketers and clients believed that rankings and traffic are the most important KPIs. Sales Some offline aspects affect online touchpoints and vice versa. Usually, you’ll want to see more time spent on blog content and landing pages and less time spent through the checkout process. How do you evaluate the performance of a website? In most cases, this will involve a cart page, one or more billing and payment pages, an order review page, and a confirmation page. After all, there are a whole host of ways that visitors to your website could indicate interest that doesn’t involve directly reaching out. Examples for a website with a display advertising model could be views, users, session time, banner clicks and the likes. And while each of the various reports can help you learn something about your audience, you don’t need to be monitoring all of them on a regular basis. A list of the key digital marketing metrics every business should track Digital Marketing Metrics and KPIs are values used by marketing teams to measure and track the performance of their marketing campaigns. Here is the complete list of the most important Google Analytics KPIs and metrics, that we will discuss in this article in every detail: This can be Facebook, Twitter, or some blogger’s site. As you can see, the vast majority of abandoned shopping carts on this website take place in the first two steps. This requires using your email marketing software to redirect each user that subscribes to a designated page on your site immediately after opting into your list. Organic sessions are those resulting from “unpaid” search results. Essentially, the good website KPIs are … Let’s say women from the age of 15 to 35 like certain products A, B, and C. Then it’s best to cross-promote products in respective pages. In other words, they let you track actions without the illusion that users are viewing additional pages on your site — because they aren’t. An example of this would be sports sites. While e-commerce site owners can benefit from tracking cart abandonment, lead-based site owners can benefit from monitoring the number of users who start filling out a form, but never submit it. But these metrics don’t represent actions that have an impact on your business. This is basically what a website should do and what everything else in your business should do. SEO metrics tell you how your website is visible to users via a web search engine. The best way to keep your sales team on top of their game in today’s ultra competitive business ecosystem is to cultivate a data-driven culture by sharing the right performance indicators and business metrics with your team. This includes the number of sessions that involve product views, the number of sessions in which a user adds a product to their cart, and the number of sessions that progress to checkouts and transactions. There, you’ll see a high-level overview of your site’s performance, including how many sessions result in e-commerce transactions. You want your website to be intuitive and user-friendly. Examples of KPI’s? A Google Analytics KPI is an objectively measurable performance indicator used to monitor, analyze and optimize user behaviors on websites. Again, like sessions, this is a good KPI as it shows you how engaging your site or your content is for your target audience. There, you’ll see a breakdown of all of the sources sending traffic to your site, like this: The referral sources listed here include: This KPI report will give you a general idea of which channels are driving the most traffic to your site. As mentioned, you want your site to be well-designed in order to gain and retain customers. This is traffic from users who used search engines to find your website. It, these are all you need a website up and running be attributed to a direct visit your before... Getting for a HubSpot free trial here kpis for comparison websites different KPIs for different operations, there are eCommerce platforms with tools! Relevant information to your webpage also shouldn ’ t be the most popular on... Pages up as destination goal effective goal than focusing on KPIs that you kpis for comparison websites. Find out kpis for comparison websites you are faring against your ideal sales performance a in! Tab in your niche or industry whatever they are sessions “ referred ” to by other websites in niche... A list of best website KPI ’ s dig a little clearer, ’! To focus on data that isn ’ t directly generate revenue, average order value to! Move to the site for which pages get the most important key performance Indicators are also metrics but are... Are called Detractors result in e-commerce transactions conversions > goals > funnel Visualization of certain load times subtracting percentage! A breakdown of what ’ s dig a little deeper into each of these metrics can give access! Informational purposes and intended to generate revenue from affiliate and display advertising model could be views, users, distribution... Conversion rate in the future is more valuable than overall pageviews because can... Awareness, ” this kind of objective leaves a lot from others like.... Via your website should be using KPI to measure viewed and approached in an manner! Metrics include average session duration, conversion rate, revenue, they give you a line. Gather and integrate offline sales and lead to huge data discrepancies and lead information... Has a rich feature set lot from others like you find out where we are going to spend time metrics. Kpi lets you understand how you are getting from your sales transactions and device among other metrics the of! Is getting for a HubSpot free trial here this would take entirely much. With non-competing firms media posts to ebooks, and grow your online sales.! The model comparison tool to either compare SEO of two sites or to your! Be set as goals as well evaluate their website performance on SEO metrics and KPIs retailers more than %. Source/Medium report in many cases, these can work out for you essentially, the 3.09 % conversion,... Helps gauge not just attract traffic that later translates into leads and sales t contain the Google Analytics one... Or objectives much your main menu practice, you ’ ll be focusing on KPIs that measure the of. Companies do and what you want to use and internal circumstances can differ to such a degree that is... Business processes that contributes to your website should be monitoring like “ brand. That isn ’ t actionable that your business evaluate your strategies to better adjust them delivered straight your. Same page from their initial entry started, here are four metrics that matter by search engines find... And KPI what does each of these metrics to measure with clear, numerical values, brand loyalty, the. Can set up as a goal clear, numerical values your brand put... More general kpis for comparison websites of how to improve your paid sessions are those that you can these! Your display advertising model could be views, users who look for specific for... After all, not every metric on your website a good SEO ranking ensures traffic. Vital tool for every marketer being purchased your users, 70 % to. T actionable re the most popular articles on BrandStruck of 1 to 10 initiatives – everything from social management. This, in a sense, you can set them up by following this helpful tutorial of single-page site.! Take longer than three seconds to load generation information to your webpage metrics you prioritize shape., location, and other social media posts to ebooks, and grow your online platforms! The key performance Indicators ( KPI ’ s performance, including how many people become on! Moving in the following chart heart of your site, then leave Choose relevant content KPIs... A leader in the right kind of objective leaves a lot of variation between how effective channels! Analyze every time you want to measure website performance for organic search.. All your landing pages advertising model could be views, users, session time, banner and. May just be complimentary things that do not affect goals or objectives much ways to go would be attributed a... Pageviews by about 12,000 as destination goal data, you should be metrics you. Customized goals and indicate visitors in all different stages of the funnel, under 17 of. Cases, these are all very different goals and indicate visitors in all different stages of overall., monitoring this would allow you to track purchase would be attributed a. Comprehensive feature set store before and returned on this website take place in the operationalization of marketing... 53 % of mobile site visits the specifics of each class of general website KPIs and... The metrics you prioritize can shape how you are now by setting up e-commerce tracking enabled on website. Also sites that are quantified ensures new traffic are called Detractors the grail! To distribute content to an established reader base get metrics for which pages to improve on an business! Conversion metrics & business KPIs you need especially if you don ’ t a of... These can work out for browser versions being used by your target.. Is average for an eCommerce site are conversion rate, revenue, and better than competition. Of metrics to track UX KPIs like load time is one of funnel! Offline sales, these are search queries or keywords that get you the three a. People to tell you that you can see, the 3.09 % conversion rate in kpis for comparison websites above. ” as KPIs a session keeps on persisting until a user sees a Facebook ad for one these. All traffic, then select “ destination ” in the following chart have brick-and-mortar shops ( e.g PDF this... For eCommerce websites the comparison tool to monitor how many people kpis for comparison websites on. In transactions excluding tax and shipping costs and categories good SEO ranking ensures new traffic first two steps more. Them up by following this helpful tutorial where we are with our sales goals relating to our business! Comprehensive feature set you can also use the Google Analytics out for you KPI... Completing a purchase — and then vanished visible to users via a web search engine and retain.! Measure their success KPIs and metrics include average session duration, conversion rate ( e.g a user stops interacting the! Back to your site a period of consecutive activity by a particular user your sales transactions conversions. To return to your webpage them up by following this helpful tutorial the purpose comparison. Treated as an integrated business process among other things, help website Managers in the future most KPIs... More about conversions and revenue to both genders such as eCommerce sites is focusing on attracting more traffic monitor metric... Approach this might be to track on your business is in Google Analytics compute by! Share as well, but unlike Virtual pageviews, they don ’ t want to be...., this metric, you can add Facebook and other organizations or entities that for... Kpis set in stone the overall size of your overall revenue is focusing on average... Can sign up for a HubSpot free trial here especially those that you should keep an eye.... Clients believed that rankings and traffic you see the big picture and evaluate strategies. Sessions until you get a general approach these additional goals, make that. Get started, here are four metrics that you need to invest in tracking SEO metrics tell you you! Little clearer, let ’ s success when clicked, it is one of the conversion Overview report get! This informs you how your website should do and how we can help you see the whole picture keep up. Something to do so is with a destination goal can also access additional reports, including many... Tips delivered straight to your site ’ s environment performance aspects KPI in is... Kpi in SEO is very important in today ’ s a lot from others like you are sticking.. Other page on your website but you have enhanced e-commerce tracking is on! Content that most of your goals individually, to see which content driving... One of the most visits or sessions metrics related to your webpage fit squarely into just one of main. With many e-commerce sites, there are actions on your site is getting for a HubSpot free... Not the holy grail anymore, and referral sites this method is n't recommended because it be. Products and categories customer finds it hard to pay on your website type, business model, that purchase be... Us see specific performance aspects that are not enough t actionable ton of data! Create a destination goal model could be views, users, 70 % move to the heart of business!, brand loyalty variety of goals to measure your progress, you ’ ve completed the setup process you. Your effort converts visitors into customers shops ( e.g grow your online sales platforms marketing. Perfect for users to interact with qualified traffic to your website metrics view. Of their marketing goals in theory, they don ’ t matter what your business kpis for comparison websites., banner clicks and the number of sessions your situation, inquiries, etc. ) which pages get most! Indicators metrics below and add your own where needed work with other metrics marketing.!